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Farm Gate (Blechyden) near Beverley
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Wishing Society Members and the many visitors to our website:
 a joyous and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spiccy Log Story

Log (similar to Spiccy Log) at Lights Beach, Denmark
Log similar to Spiccy Log on Lights Beach, Denmark.
Reported by Clinton Lewis (August 2022).
Photo: Amanda Lewis.  Tap for larger image.

We published Roger Underwood's  Conspicuous Log Mystery story 12 months ago (January 2021).

It created a lot of interest and last August Clinton Lewis, who spotted the story on our website, contacted us: there is another one perched at the eastern end of Lights Beach.

He send a photo (left).

Thanks Clinton!

We passed the information onto the author (Roger Underwood) who said:

"Since it was published I have received about nine emails from people living or visiting the south and south-west coasts, all with stories about logs washed ashore, or coming to light beneath eroding dunes.  What I thought was a rare chance event is clearly something more common than any of us imagined."

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Roger suggested the Society may like to document the location and photographs of the logs and that is something we will do.

"Maybe the WNDHS could become the curator of the log of the logs?
I am always happy to try to help with identification of wood samples."

Thanks Roger!

Roger has his own blog:  Forest Leaves: stories about trees, forests, bushfires and books.

Election of Committee

At Annual General Meeting held 23rd October 2022

The AGM elected (or re-elected) members of the Society to the  committee for two years.

Photo of committee
Committee, Marron Tails end of year function.
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The committee elected at the AGM, photo right, named right to left starting bottom right:

  • President: Elizabeth Shaw;
  • Curator of Research (hidden): Dawn Martin;
  • Curator of Photographs: Don Burton;
  • Curator of Acquisitions: Kaye Edmonds;
  • Committee Member: Ivan Woodhams (inset circle);
  • Secretary: Jennifer Willcox;
  • New Committee Member: Kim Mills;
  • Vice President: Delys Ravenhill;
  • Guest: Trevor Ravenhill;
  • Treasurer and Curator of IT, Media: Harold Luxton.

Information Security

Register of Members

Theft of private and sensitive information held by some large corporate organisations has raised community concern and we want members to know:

  • the membership records we hold; and,
  • how the information is kept safe.

The Society's  Rules (Section 4.5) prescribe that the Treasurer shall maintain a register of all current members of the Society consistent with the  Association's Incorporation Act (specifically Division 5: Register of Members).

Illustration: Secure Computing Tips

The Register of Current Members records:

  • member's name;
  • category of membership: Life, Corporate or Ordinary (double or single);
  • email address; and/or,
  • postal address.

To maintain the privacy of its members, the Society:

  • does not hold other personal identifying information such as date of birth; and,
  • member contact information is not stored on the society's web site; and,
  • is not knowingly stored online, in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox or iCloud).

Currently (December 2022) we have 67 members:

  • 3 Life Members;
  • 2 Corporate Members: and,
  • 62 Ordinary Members (19 double and 24 single).

The Society's Website:

Security and accessibility standard of our website
illustration: secure socket layer (SSL) SSL certificate list

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) strengthens the Society's website and associated resources (e.g. email addresses). The SSL scrambles data transferred between users and sites, or between two systems making it impossible for hackers to read even if they intercept data as it is sent over the connection.

illustration: quality assurance document tick

The Society endeavours to ensure the design of the website meets the  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard.

Daily visits, development and request for feedback
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Our website is currently registering 15-25 unique visits each day: about 450-600 in a month.

This is not a remarkable number but is an indication of its potential especially as the internet itself is faster and more accessible.

The Society is keen to use its website to help achieve our aim of:

  • encouraging interest in local history; and,
  • sharing memorabilia the Society has acquired.

Please do let us know: email web admin if there is a particular topic you would like to see on the website or if you have any suggestions that will help the website to develop interest in local history.

As the website has evolved, so too has its volume of web pages. It can be difficult to find a particular item. The Society is compiling a searchable database of our website topics to make it easier to find items. We anticipate it will be online early 2023.

New email address

The society has a new official email address:

Other Society Department email addresses are:

Fisher Memorial to Honour Those Lost at Sea

The FlatSea Memorial Project  contacted  the Society seeking interest in a memorial to commemorate the lives of fisher men and women lost at sea in WA.

A committee of researchers, historians and the  WA fishing industry council will collate the stories as well as design and build a memorial to commemorate those who didn't come home.

Initially the project intends to create a digital memorial experience listing and locating the accounts of fisher men and women who lost their lives in pursuit of the development and operation of commercial fishing in Western Australia.

The Society's Committee is not aware of any local commercial fishing tragedies, but has recorded its interest in the project.

Anyone interested or who has information that may be helpful to the project, please contact the Society: or the project directly  fisher


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